If it's ok, I'd like to tell you a story... 

At least a part of my story.

Because, you see, we are the same.

Me & You No Difference.

For over 25 years I've just walked this road many many times. I'm familiar with the tripping hazards, the potholes, where the road bends unexpectedly... 

What's the "road"? It is an educated understanding of this Mind & Body and how they work together as a whole alongside of imperfection. Through a diligent personal practice, thousands of hours of schooling and thousands of hours working with clients, I've found this road is one I can walk together with you on.


As you learn the operating system of how your Body & Mind work, I am Here with you to hold space for you to find Personal & Practical Application with whatever shows up seemingly in the way. Support is HERE in This Moment. It is.

I remember laying on the couch crying and praying as anxiety was gripping my mind and body. My prayer asked for support. You see, at that time, I knew I had more to offer in service to others in Truth. BUT ONLY if I could receive help myself.


This was my prayer:

(paraphrased of course) 

Please. I need help. And, unless my brain can get some support, all I have to offer in this system is this; ME on the couch... crying. Not actively causing any harm, but certainly not actively participating in life how I wish. Not offering what I want to. And, if I can get the support, I promise to work hard and to then share what I receive with anyone that I can help.


You know what?

From that day forward I found more and more support. I walked the road of learning how to navigate imperfection, anxiety and trauma patterns in this imperfect brain and body. 

I am grateful every single day, with every single breath I'm given.

And now?

I am in service full time in many different ways and I am determined to be of support for anyone that this kind of work will help.


So, please...

If you are "laying on the couch crying" not understanding how to move forward with whatever burden you are carrying, REACH OUT.


It's time for you to receive the support you so vitally need.

AS you too begin to understand just how supported you are in This Moment.


Sending you a great big hug, you amazing beautiful imperfect human.

May you find exactly what you need to keep walking in integrity alongside of imperfection.