F. A. Q.'s

Are you a Doctor?

Nope. I am a Certified Trauma-Informed Coach specializing in Somatic Coaching.

A Coach is not a Doctor. Nope. When any athlete works with a coach, they also work with the appropriate medical professionals for their injury or profession.

The same goes for Somatic Coaching! I’m here to support you as you learn & implement evidence-based tools in a safe supportive environment that nurtures growth and self-understanding. That means we do not focus on the trauma or the past events. You and I work together to learn HOW to move forward and let go of the ties to the past.

What does
Somatic mean?

The ORIGIN: late 18th century: from Greek sōmatikos, from sōma ‘body’.

In working from a Somatic perspective a practitioner will include the Body as a vital part of the whole experience including the Mind and Feelings.

What is your background?

How long have you been practicing?

I am a certified Coach through JRNI Coaching School and through the Trauma-Informed Certification Program with the leader in this field Mastin Kipp.

I specialize in blending this training alongside of my 26 years of experience as a hands-on practitioner in the modalities of Therapeutic Massage, Aromatherapy, Sound Therapy, Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupressure and Breema and Self-Breema Bodywork. This blend has created my specific form of coaching which includes education on how the Body, Mind and Feelings ALL contain information that will support you to access more freedom of choice!

When I’m in a Somatic Coaching session, it feels like therapy, but I know this isn’t therapy, so WHY does it feel like that to me?

I think mainly, in our culture we use the word “therapy” very loosely because many things we experience are therapeutic. Therapeutic: (Adjective) Causing someone to feel happier and more relaxed or to be more healthy. At the end of a coaching session, the result of this work and effort does create a relaxed, happy and healthy experience. But it is NOT Therapy or a replacement for working with a medical professional if needed.

Can I call our Somatic Coaching sessions “therapy” to my friends or say you’re my “therapist” (it’s just easier than explaining somatic coaching)?

Nope. Let’s talk in session about how to express the benefits you’ve received from Somatic Coaching

I don’t feel like session today, so I think I’ll just cancel or skip it...
Now What?

Oh no! How are you? You ok? You can do it, come to session!!! You’ll feel better, I just know it.

But, if you really need to miss session, it is important to know what the Official Policy is...

Official Policy:

All sessions are prepaid and there is a required 24-hour notice prior to canceling or rescheduling. If a notice is less than 24 hours, one of your session credits is used even if you do not attend session.

I believe that I can be healed, but you say that you don’t heal... Why do you say that?

I know that out there in the holistic community there is a dominant attitude that healing is possible. And, if this is what supports you, please continue to move from this space.

For me? I’ve seen many clients have their hopes built up only to experience the disappointment of seeing that they are still imperfect, still human on the other side of a practitioners promise.

I think it is vital to educate my clients on the operating system, of being, living and thriving as an imperfect human in an imperfect state. In this acceptance and new way of walking with imperfection, there is a possibility for true compassion to step in and transformation to begin.

You see, it is Not my job to fix or heal imperfection.

I am no different than you. WE are walking together imperfectly. I have just walked this path many times already and can walk with confidence alongside of you until you discover that confidence has been within you all along.

How can working with you be any better than me reading another book?

Co-regulation is VITAL for Self-regulation. It is how the human body works.

Please keep reading books, I know I am a forever learner and have a voracious appetite for reading.

Yet... Reading another book on your own is not a substitute for supporting the nervous system to move into a flexible state.

In the same way an athlete could read about their sport but could not truly progress without a coach by their side.

I do not want to cry in a session. Will I?

Maybe... I don’t know! But, sometimes the body needs to release cortisol through tears.



And, if you do cry? You’ll be ok. I know it. And... One day, you will know it too.

I don’t want a 1 on 1 session, is there something else I can do to receive support in this way?


Please join our Walking Imperfectly Together Program*

You can receive weekly support online in live classes and group coaching.

*Membership Coming November 2021

Does this somatic coaching stuff actually work?



See you in session!

I want a Couples Session.


Do you do that?