$249.00 USD

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Beliefs Create Our Thoughts & Actions It’s time to learn how to SEE, ACCEPT & MOVE ON from unknown BELIEF BALLOONS that blur our vision.

The HMP Self-Guided Course 6 Month Founders Access

  • All HMP Founders receive advanced access to the Self-Guided Human Maintenance Program for 6 Months during our developmental stage.
  • You will immediately receive the 1st Seven Foundational Trails ready for you to begin your Human Maintenance Journey.
  • Additional Trails will be released throughout your HMP Founders Experience.
  • As a Founder, your input matters! Feel free to send your ideas and thoughts as you travel through the course, and we may include your input along the way!
  • The HMP Self-Guided Course Includes: Video, Audio, Transcripts & Reading Portions to support every learning style. 
  • Coregulation Station - Access to Two Live HMP Progress Workshops - Including:
    • Real World Readiness Training - taking one topic from the course and exploring it further
    • Self-Breema Exercises
    • Resiliency Exercises
    • Live Q&A through Chat
    • OPTION: Watch Live or Watch Later

      *** BONUS ***  If you're one of the First 25 Founders to sign up, you'll receive a Mindfulness and Character Strengths Report from The VIA Institute. Cultivate active awareness of your best qualities!