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Before Growth Comes Support


Would you embark on a demanding new experience like a business venture, or a trip to a foreign land without doing research first? What if you were also too weak to eat or stand up? Would you set out on your mission expecting to succeed? Probably not before getting the needed support and taking the time required to prepare, and regain your strength.

The truth is, we tend to do just the opposite with our personal & relational growth goals all the time.


The Outcome?

  • Sometimes we try, and try again, but end up disappointed - in the results, and in ourselves.
  • Sometimes we give up¬†on our growth related goals all-together.¬†
  • Some of us feel pressure to let go of what was important to us. We stop being ourselves.


Is There Something Wrong With Me?


The thought, "something is wrong with me" arises from a fundamental misunderstanding about how our bodies and minds react to our experience. When our reactions and feelings appear to limit us and impede our progress, the unhelpful thought, "something is wrong with me" shows up.

But this thought denies an important fact:


I’m a Human Who’s Body & Mind Needs Support


This healthy thought leads to accurate self-understanding around our need for support, giving us a way of moving through the world with dexterity and a strong connection to our own inner authority as an amazing human.

Understanding the way our own body & mind are designed to work is the first part of receiving the support needed to take on personal and relational growth and goals.

The self-guided course is a series of expeditions that lead you to that support.

The Steps You Will Take

  • Understand¬†Principles -¬†These provide¬†a sustainable insight in understanding your relationship to your own sensations, emotions and thoughts.
  • Apply to Relationships - After self-understanding comes application of principles to the goal of balanced relationships with others.
  • Gain Tools - Tools for practical application of these principles are shared last so that¬†your own inner authority is not dependent on an external source, rather an internal knowledge.

What's Inside?

These 3 Expeditions will teach you the basics of the maintenance of being human.


Expedition 1 - Self Development

  • How letting go of ‚Äúfixing and healing‚ÄĚ supports you to finally move forward
  • How Does Understanding the Basic Physiology of Your Autonomic Nervous System or ANS Help You?
  • Crying is Like Peeing
  • Can you reach your goals and experience emotions at the same time?
  • Who are you?
  • The body has messages for us
  • What is Polyvagal Theory?
  • What is the conscious competency ladder?
  • What are the 9 Principles of Harmony- Breema and Self-Breema
  • When did curiosity end?
  • Why coregulation is vital
  • How to listen to your thoughts more effectively
  • When physical sensations overwhelm you
  • How emotions can be misunderstood



Expedition 2 - Supporting Others

  • How can I help others without hurting myself?
  • How helping someone else may create burnout
  • Who are you helping?
  • How do you like to receive help?
  • What do they need vs. what do you want them to need?
  • How to identify true support
  • Is someone that helps themselves first selfish?
  • Codependency or coregulation
  • When someone you love is in trouble
  • When a stranger is having a bad day
  • The truth about helping
  • Empath or Trauma Pattern?


Expedition 3 - Practical Application

  • What do I do when the same thing happens again?
  • See, Accept, and Move on
  • Acupressure Points
  • Essential Oils
  • Don‚Äôt ‚Äúshould‚ÄĚ on yourself
  • JHA & SDS (Job hazard analysis and Safety Data Sheets)

How Do You Grow Best?

2 ways to make the Interactive Program your own.


Option 1: The Human Maintenance Program: Interactive Program

$249 - Founders Pricing

$499 After 6/30/2024

  • All HMP Founders receive advanced access to the¬†Interactive Human Maintenance Program for 6 Months during our developmental stage.
  • You will immediately receive the 1st Seven Foundational Trails ready for you to begin your Human Maintenance Journey.
  • Additional Trails will be released throughout your HMP Founders Experience.
  • As a Founder, your input matters! Feel free to send your ideas and thoughts as you travel through the course, and we may include your input along the way!
  • The HMP¬†Interactive Program¬†Includes: Video, Audio, Transcripts & Reading Portions to support every learning style.¬†
  • Coregulation Station¬†- Access to Two¬†Live HMP Progress Workshops - Including:
    • Real World Readiness Training - taking one topic from the course and exploring it further
    • Self-Breema Exercises
    • Resiliency Exercises
    • Live Q&A through Chat
    • OPTION: Watch Live or Watch Later
  • *** BONUS ***¬† If you're one of the First 25 Founders to sign up, you'll receive a Mindfulness and Character Strengths Report from The VIA Institute. Cultivate active awareness of your best qualities!
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Option 2: Dive Deeper with Personalized One-On-One Coaching with Alecia 


INCLUDED: The Interactive Program & The Live Progress Workshops 


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