My Wish Is...








My Wish Is...

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Stop Running From Feeling.

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Have you
ever said:


“I’m stuck.”

“I’m overwhelmed.”

“I know I have more to give… but I don’t know how.”

To Support You 

The truth is:
I Know You Are Ok - And Soon You Will Too.


As you come to understand the phenomenal Operating System of Being Human, you will Discover & Experience something that will help you in every single avenue of your world.

And Maintaining that Connection is life changing.

Right Here - Right Now.

Really and Truly.

Just like the sky is blue and the ocean waves are a constant. Just like gravity is secure and water supports life, I am Here to introduce you to a way to walk in this world with No Extra to be able to help both yourself and others without overextended or burning out.

No matter what our experience is in this system, no matter the trauma, no matter your genetics or epigenetics.

Through Education, Practical Application and Coregulation we all can taste life in a new way.

My Adventure Began

Many years ago when I was a little pip visiting our neighbor Mrs Morrell with my mom after school (in my eyes she was another Grandmother). My mom and I would walk next door and as they sat and talked, Mrs Morrell would ask me to massage her sore hands and back.

One day, she stopped me - took my little hands in hers and said: "You have a gift. Share this gift with the world."

I remember walking over to another part of the room and sitting in the sun looking at my hands and wondering what she meant... Little did I know that that moment would be a life directing moment for me.

It became a Compass Moment.

She gave me a direction to explore that I came back to again and again - no matter what challenges showed up, I remembered Mrs. Morrell told me I had a gift in my hands. 

As I grew up and time moved on, I experienced many unexpected and traumatic events (like many of us in this world), which created a deep uncertainty, and fear within me... This showed up in tons of anxiety and health problems. After years of trying to figure it out alone, I burned out and landed on what I affectionately called: The Kryptonite Couch.

It wasn't a fun place to be. But it was where I was... and it turned into the start of me finding my way back to that gift Mrs Morrell told me about.


While on the Kryptonite Couch

I found myself deep in prayer with open honesty - Yes, I would live my life with Integrity from the couch - But I truly believed: If the whole entire universe was here working in Harmony (and that is most definitely more complex than me and my brain, traumatic experiences, genetics and epigenetics combined), then I could receive the Support (which let's be honest, isn't nearly as complex as the whole universe) to help me Get Off the Couch and find a balanced way to live.

In that prayer, I promised that if I received that kind of help, and I got back on my feet, that I would help whoever needed and wanted it.


From that moment on I began finding the most amazing schools, practitioners, and modalities.

I became a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in trauma recovery.

For many years, my hands did indeed become the gift I that was sharing with the world!

(Thank you Mrs Morrell)

In those years I learned:

  • It was Safe to Feel.
  • That Being Human was an Interactive Experience.
  • I had more Choice and Free Will no matter what my past  experiences were.
  • I was more Supported than I ever knew possible.


Little by little...

I got off the couch.


My practice developed over time, and I bumped up against the limits that Massage Therapy on its own presented for how I wanted to support my clients. Or for that matter, how I was receiving support myself!

I branched out and began many years and thousands of hours of studying, researching, practicing and expanding as a Certified Practitioner and/or an Instructor in many avenues.


Here are a few of my favorites that I bring into Integrative Sessions:

  • Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure®
  • Neuroacoustic Therapy
  • Breema and Self-Breema
  • Aromatherapy
  • Trauma Informed Coaching


After 28 years as a Client, Student, Practitioner, Educator and Mentor I am Here stepping into a larger way to fulfill my promise of sharing what I have received.

"If there are people who care, there is always hope.

-Simon Sinek

3 Ways The Human Maintenance Program™ Can Help You

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Human Maintenance Program™

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