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What's A Mini-Guide?


As I am working with both Myself & with my Dear Clients, I begin to see patterns and pockets of where we - as the amazing imperfect humans that we are - need support. 

These Mini-Guides are designed to bring clarity to a specific need and a give you a magnifying glass into a topic that could support you immediately in your day-to-day world. 

My wish for these Mini-Guides is for them to be a potential anchor - a place where we can get a better toe hold on how supported we really are in both challenging moments and in growth moments.

Your Fellow Human on This Maintenance Journey,


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Belief Balloons  

A Mini-Guide on Letting Go

The Beliefs we walk around with that pop up when challenges arise in our lives control our thoughts and actions, we will feel lost and a lack of inner authority. 

This Mini-Guide is designed to support an introductory exploration and understanding in Self-Compassion. Walk gently together towards reclaiming a bit of harmony and confidence in navigating the challenges that Imperfection, Generation Trauma and our Personal Life Experiences imprint on us.

Begin Letting Go HERE
"This guide has helped me to gain more awareness of my own perceptions (belief balloons) and be more understanding of what others might be going through. Being able to identify when a belief balloon shows up is a really important development of self because now I have so much more control over my actions than I did before!! Thank you for this beautiful resource." - E.S. Colorado, USA

Please Take Note:


These Mini-Guides are not a replacement for medical care or medical advice. Please make sure you are truly matching the support you need with the challenges you are experiencing.

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