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Stop Running From Feeling.

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Have you
ever said:


“I’m stuck.”

“I’m overwhelmed.”

“I know I have more to give… but I don’t know how.”

The Origin Story

The truth is:
I developed this method to support people just like me.


We are Harvard in the Brain & Kindergarten in the Body.

We are successful Externally but feel like a mess Internally. For me, not many people would know when I needed help because the way I dysregulate, show trauma patterns, and experience stress are ways that are praised by the world we live in. I mean, how could someone successful Externally need help?

For those of us that are sensitive and strong, fragile, and powerful, fiercely confident and lacking confidence - We need a place where our intelligence, creativity and sensitivity are respected and held with honor in safety.

I notice that we often experience what feels like a chasm where what we are offering to the outside world and what we are experiencing in our internal world seems wildly separate.

When this chasm gets too big, there seems to be a challenge for knowing how to receive support anymore. Support can become something that feels dangerous! And that in itself is dangerous because Coregulation is Vital for all of us. This need is baked into our humanity.

Feeling successful and messy seems such a contradiction that we can become increasingly confused about how to move forward in life.

The Human Maintenance Program carries so much of me within it. I hold deep gratitude for my mentors, teachers, family, and friends for the support I have learned to receive as this imperfect human.

This Program is not about becoming healed or fixed. It's not another notch on your intellectual belt. It's not another quick trick where you'll feel disappointed.


The Human Maintenance Program is a way to understand How to work better with yourself and others as the amazing humans we all are.

As you experience the Practical Application of your human operating system in harmony with How to listen to your own Sensations, Emotions and Thoughts, you'll experience the power of creating a bridge between your Internal & External world. You'll feel understood and connected to yourself and to the world around you.

I know you can do this. Keep going! Keep growing.

I am deeply honored to have walked in this field for these 28 years Maintaining my own Humanity daily.

And my wish is to keep walking with each of you - All of us Brave Chickens walking together.

You and I are the Lions & Chickens of this world.


What is The ASB Method Inspired by? 

01 Conscious Competency Model 

02 Polyvagal Theory

03 Breema, Self-Breema & The Nine Principles of Harmony 

<<  Here's a Deeper Dive on Some of These Inspirations >>

01 The Conscious Competency Model

This model is often used to describe the stages we go through as we learn any new thing.

It is vital to understand how we naturally move through learning and understanding our own operating system as Human Beings. This can bring great comfort and Self-Compassion as you realize there are peaks and valleys to learning about yourself, it becomes possible to give yourself a little grace & space.

 Be Aware: I've found many get stuck in the Conscious Incompetence. This stage is the most frustrating and challenging for the Smartie Pants Brain. This is when you understand the concept of the Mind/Body Connection but don't yet have the ability to connect the knowledge to actions. Keep Going!!! Especially in this stage - Get lots of support, nurturing and coregulation. 


4 Stages of Competence

  • Unconscious Incompetence - I don't know what I don't know. (Wrong Intuition)
  • Conscious Incompetence - I know what but I don't know how. (Wrong Analysis)
  • Conscious Competence - I know what & how but it takes lots of effort to do. (Right Analysis)
  • Unconscious Competence - I know what & how & it's effortless to do. (Right Intuition)


Learn More About the Conscious Competency Model, Here

02 Polyvagal Theory

Truly understanding how your Nervous System works and effects your everyday life, emotions, habits and choices becomes a powerful way to feel more authority in how you navigate the world. As you begin to understand the different states of the nervous system and the importance of experiencing and connecting to Safety - You step into a new way to work with yourself with Informed Compassion. 

This truly is the foundation of Evidence-Based Empathy in Action.


Principles Of Polyvagal Theory

Heirarchy. Our Autonomic Nervous System moves between 3 different states (plus hybrid states) depending on cues of safety or danger we feel.  Ventral Vagal - Relaxed & Connected Sympathetic - Fight or Flight Dorsal Vagal - Shut Down & Disconnected
Neuroception. The subconscious communication that shifts the ANS instantaneously through neural circuits detecting whether things are safe or a threat.  We are constantly scanning: Inside the Body Our Environment Other People
Co-Regulation. Our nervous system is designed to connect with others in safety. This is a VITAL need throughout our entire lifetime.   “On a physiological level, neural pathways emerging from the ventral vagal complex in the brainstem calm our reaction to the threat while simultaneously enabling facial expressions, head movements, and vocal intonations that let others know we are open to friendly communication.” -Polyvagal Institute

Polyvagal Theory was Developed by Dr. Stephen Porges

Learn More About Polyvagal Theory, Here

03 Breema

From The Breema Center: 

“Breema is the art of being present. It’s a practical philosophy that enables us to constantly increase our understanding of ourselves. Learning and practicing Breema bodywork and Self-Breema exercises, we develop an experiential relationship to and understanding of the Nine Principles of Harmony, which can eventually be applied to bring meaning to every activity and situation in life. Breema helps us realize our inherent potential by supporting our body, mind, and feelings to function naturally and in harmony with each other.” 

From Alecia: 

For me, Breema is at the heart of every single thing I do.  

The first time I received a Breema Bodywork session, I walked out to the car and sat there in awe. I knew something different had happened from anything I had ever known before. I was able to experience the breath moving through my body in a way that I had never felt before. And... there was a sense of quiet and order within my mind and feelings. And, although it was new to feel this – it somehow also felt very familiar and... exactly right. 

It was the beginning of a new relationship with Myself Actually, and How I walk through this world has been forever refined. I have a direction now that includes an aim towards Being, towards Knowing there Is a Body. That includes Knowing the Body has weight and is breathing – something that, when tasted in This Moment, supports me to participate in life in an Active way.  

I Know now that through bringing the Nine Principles of Harmony into my daily life, giving and receiving Breema Bodywork and practicing Self-Breema as a support of body-mind connection I have an unending possibility to remember something I have tasted that is True: In This Moment, I Am Supported.  


The 9 Principles of Harmony

Universal Principles of Breema

Body Comfortable

“You don’t have to force your body to be comfortable. In fact, Body Comfortable means accepting the condition of the body as it is. Through acceptance of the body and its condition, you may discover that you are not this body.”
From Breema and the Nine Principles of Harmony

No Extra

“Extra is everything that’s not needed in this moment.”
From Breema and the Nine Principles of Harmony

Firmness & Gentleness

“Every time we practice Breema, we wish to have two qualities: firmness and gentleness. Real firmness is always gentle. Real gentleness is always firm. We refer to the presence of these two qualities as the “Breema touch.” Wherever our hands touch, the whole body is nurtured.”
From Self-Breema Exercises for Harmonious Life"

Full Participation

“To bring the mind and feelings to participate fully in the activity of the body, we start with receptive registration of the body’s breathing and the weight of the body on the ground. Soon our feelings also become available, and participate in our experience. Now, mind and feelings are with the body’s activity, not elsewhere.”
From Self-Breema Exercises for Harmonious Life

Mutual Support

“When you are present, others are supported to be present, and there is Mutual Support.”
From Breema and the Nine Principles of Harmony

No Judgement

“We have to see we’re always judgmental so clearly that there’s no doubt left that it is so. Then we can accept it. The more we can see and accept it, the more chance we have to discover something in us that can be nonjudgmental. That part of us doesn’t judge, it understands.”
From Breema and the Nine Principles of Harmony

Single Moment/Single Activity

“Your body breathes. Your body has weight on the ground. The activity of the body takes place in the present. When your hand touches something, that’s the only moment that exists. There is no “moment ago,” when your hand was somewhere else. There’s no “next moment,” when your hand will be somewhere else. Everything you’ve done in your whole life is expressed in this one touch.“
From Breema and the Nine Principles of Harmony

No Hurry/No Pause

“When you rush, time shrinks. When you’re relaxed, time expands. This is true even though it’s very hard for the mind to get. When you’re relaxed and doing something willingly, you’re participating in life.”
From Freedom Is in This Moment

No Force

“In those moments when we know we have a body, whatever our body does is Breema. Another name for this knowing is connection to the body. Connection to the body guides us toward the taste of being fully present. Mind, feelings, and body are in harmony with each other, and we are naturally present in the body, without thought, assumption, or effort.”
From Self-Breema Exercises for Harmonious Life

Learn More About Breema, Here

"It's An Alchemy" - How I Navigate & Apply these 3 Paths:

Applying these 3 Paths has Purpose & Intention in supporting you to experience A Conscious Realistic Process of how the relationship works between the Mind & the Body as an Imperfect Human in a Challenging World.

Breema gives me the possibility to experience an accurate orientation to world that Includes the Body in a way that is Whole and Complete.

Polyvagal Theory supports me to have confidence in the science of how the Nervous System is designed to work - In Safety and Coregulation.


3 Ways The Human Maintenance Program™ Can Help You

1. The Interactive Program

A hybrid course featuring over 30 lessons in written, video, and audio formats. Introduces key principles, how to apply them personally and in your relationships, and equips you with essential tools for your everyday journey.

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2. One-on-One Coaching Programs

For the groundbreakers among you - Select from two tiers of personalized coaching to help you meet your full potential, one step at a time.

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3. The HMP Adventure Series

"A Choice-Base Workbook" with an interactive adventure that provides a safe space to learn and apply the tools presented in the Human Maintenance Program™.

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The Human Maintenance Program™

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