The Human Maintenance Program™

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The Human Maintenance Program™

Self-Guided Course

This interactive adventure provides a safe space to apply the principles and tools you are learning.


Workbook Introduction Preview



No matter what someone tells you -No matter where you found this book. You need to be aware that this is NOT a Self-Help & Personal Growth book! You’re going to be so disappointed if you’re looking to find out what your personality is or if you’re hoping to tap your forehead and splash an oil while chanting through a mist of blue air: I Am Healed.  

This is Not that. 

But then again... I Trust You. You’ve come this far in life! You’re doing it! Succeeding in some places, falling in others. Just walking along being a human doing human things. So go on then... Get this book. Just know that You are beginning an Adventure – One that does not end. 

Most “Self-Help” and “Growth” Books will lead you on a path that has a natural conclusion – You are now Healed and very Wise. But you know the truth don’t you... You know that you haven’t finished those Books. You know you woke up this morning not feeling very wise or healed. You woke up regretting that thing you did or didn’t do. Did I really I send/post that text/picture/reel?! Have I actually stayed up all night playing this game/scrolling/having an anxiety attack?  

You know that that Book is gathering dust in the corner and taunting you with every part of you that you wish was different – You look at it in frustration... another thing that didn’t “work” cause here you are in pain again, mad again, depressed again and anxious... again. 

When does it stop? When do the promises that you will wake up and not be, well, Human... stop? 

HERE. It stops Here. Why can I say that so confidently? Because I know what I am promising you on this Adventure. I Know what you will discover along the way. In fact, it is my Promise to you that by the end of this Interactive Expedition we take here together, that you will indeed NOT be: Healed or Fixed. Instead, I Promise that when you are finished with this book, you will need to begin it again – And some of you may not even make it to the end before you need to begin again. 


INTERACTIVE ADVENTURE SPOILER: You are an Imperfect Human.  

How It Works:

  • Walk through the Lands of Dysregulation, Coregulation & Self-Regulation, choosing your own path as you go. 
  • Find places in the Lands where you can reflect how your real-life experiences fit into these lands. 
  • Join Charming Characters ready to lend you bits of wisdom in your own story as you travel through Purposeful Locations and find Meaningful Symbols along the way. 
  • As you explore different outcomes to real life events - you will begin to understand your own inner landscape and be more prepared for challenging life experiences that show up in every-day life.
  • And maybe: Have... Fun Being Human. 

Coming Soon!


I can't wait to show you what we've been working on!


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HMP Adventures

Planned Features

  • A workbook you can use over and over to help learn, apply tools, and self-regulate.
  • Released over time as individual modules
  • Early adopters will enjoy the workbook at a reduced rate.
  • A "Choose Your Own Adventure" style format.
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Coming Soon!


I can't wait to show you what we've been working on!


If you'd like the option to get The HMP Adventure modules as they are released, just sign up for the waitlist! 

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