The Human Maintenance Program™

Self-Guided Course

Workshops Are My Favorite...


Why? Because it is dedicated extended time spent on a topic together. 

I offer Workshops both in-person and online and can even be experienced as a hybrid of both!  They can include any number of segments of the following type:

  • Collaborative Learning in Safety & Co-Regulation
  • Example Topics: How Do I Help Someone Else Without Hurting Myself? Help! I'm Think an Empath and I am Overwhelmed!  How To Be Imperfect without Burning It to the Ground. Baby Science - How Understanding My Nervous System Is Practical
  • Ask Me Anything Portions
  • Live Demos and possibility of Interactive Learning depending on the Workshop you choose and what your needs are. 
  • Resiliency Exercises
  • Breema Bodywork & Self-Breema
  • Group Discussions through learning how to offer an Experience Exchange
  • Sign up for Personal One-On-One Integrative Sessions with Alecia either Hands-On or Online

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The Human Maintenance Program™

Self-Guided Courses that will allow you to manage a better life experience.


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